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  • me: *studying for 15 minutes*
  • me: i can't do this anymore
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Gone with the Wind on the big screen? No word to describe it. I was so thankful to see that film, finally on the big screen after having it be my number one favorite film for most of my life.  It was amazing, and I was the youngest one in the audience, :D.  There were not that many people there, unfortunately, but it was still amazing to see it on the screen. 

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gone with the wind tonight!!

also who has 8tracks? i want to add you all. i just got the hang of it.. and love it..

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Gary Cooper

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"The one reason Jesus shed His blood for you was to get the lie off of you and restore what He made you to be in the first place. God doesn’t do love; He is love. He made us love." - Dan Mohler (via sonofhislove)
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Norma Shearer as she appeared in Harper’s Bazaar photographed by George Hoyningen-Huene, 1936

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